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How Working From Home May Affect Commercial Real Estate In The Future

Over the course of the last 18-plus months, virtually every industry in the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Early in the...

23 Sep 2021
4 minute read

6 Essentials Your QOF Manager Must Check Off Before Investing

Once you identify a prospective manager or group of managers for your client's Qualified Opportunity Fund investment, it is essential to spend...

22 Apr 2021
3 minute read

Starpoint QOZ Fund Offers Rare Opportunity to Invest with a Proven Sponsor

  While most QOZ Funds are simply financial engineering vehicles meant to shelter capital gains and defer taxes, very few are run by sponsors that...

15 Apr 2021
3 minute read

How Advisors are Finding the Best OZ Investments for Clients

  Investment advisors are looking at several key factors for placing their clients’ tax-deferred investments in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds...

01 Apr 2021
2 minute read

StarPoint Named Real Estate Fund Manager of the Month by Wealth and Finance

This article was written and published by Wealth and Finance in march of 2016.  Read the full transcript below.

18 Mar 2021
2 minute read

StarPoint Properties Announces $193 Million Acquisition

StarPoint Properties, a real estate investment and operating company known for delivering above-market returns by acquiring and repositioning...

04 Mar 2021
1 minute read

Governments are Printing Money, Where Should You Invest?

As all of you are well aware the US economy is treading in uncharted waters. The coronavirus has negatively impacted the economic activity of the...

18 Feb 2021
4 minute read