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Rising Lumber Costs Are Impacting Multifamily Developments

Throughout late 2020 and the first half of 2021, lumber prices skyrocketed as lumber mills around the world shut down due to the pandemic. In the...

29 Nov 2021
4 minute read

Insider Trading In Publicly Traded Funds Vs. Imperfect Information in Private Equity

Odds are, when you’ve heard the term ‘insider trading’ it has been portrayed as something highly illegal, and a disruptive force in...

18 Nov 2021
7 minute read

Alignment Of Interest in Commercial Real Estate Investing

An alignment of interest with a real estate sponsor is a minimum standard that investors should be looking for and what makes StarPoint stand out...

16 Nov 2021
9 minute read

How to Find Real Estate Investment Opportunities

In many industries, experts advise that the most effective and profitable careers require specializing in a particular niche. Nowhere has this...

16 Nov 2021
7 minute read

How Will the Fed Tapering Announcement Affect Commercial Real Estate?

The US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced that the Federal Reserve would begin tapering its bond-buying program as the US economy...

15 Nov 2021
3 minute read

Why This Time Is Different

The macroeconomics profession has had a tough time in the prediction game in recent decades, in particular by chronically forecasting higher...

01 Nov 2021
2 minute read

What’s Driving the Growth of the Build-To-Rent Housing Market?

Demand for single-family housing is vast, but as new construction has slowed and prices have correspondingly increased, many Americans find...

19 Oct 2021
2 minute read

Growing CPI and Rising Rents

While it’s no secret that there has been a compression of the economy leading to an increase in the Consumer Price Index ("CPI") over the last...

18 Oct 2021
2 minute read

How Working From Home May Affect Commercial Real Estate In The Future

Over the course of the last 18-plus months, virtually every industry in the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Early in the...

23 Sep 2021
4 minute read

Importance of Hard Assets in a Negative-Yield World

If a friend asked to borrow money, you’d be happy to lend it. And if that friend offered to pay you back with a little extra for your generosity,...

10 Jun 2021
4 minute read